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Comission are Open

Posted by crazypamela - May 21st, 2019

Commissions Rules

I accept paypal.

Things I'll draw.

- Basically anything


Things I won't draw

Porn… I think that covers it.


Everything will be drawn in my style, I hope that won’t be a problem. 

If it is, go look somewhere else, because I don’t want to hear you complaining about it.


when my commissions are open or closed

I’ll post a journal saying whether or not they are open. 

Please send me a note if you’re interested, titled “Commission”.

If you want your character(s) in a certain position please provide an example in the note as well. It’s hard to get an idea through text.


Leave a comment on this journal and I'll look at it when I have the time. 

And be very specific about what you want in the picture. if you don't have a clue on what you want, just give me a heads up and I'll just mess around with the character for a bit and send you the sketch and see if whether or not you like it. 

If you make last changes as soon as I send you the finished picture I will think about sketch a picture of my character killing your character out of frustration. (Only joking... maybe 0w0)

But no seriously, once you tell me you are fine with the image as it is. you can not add any changes to the picture at all. 

 Very Important!!  

You have to be more specific about what you want in the pictures. 

There are multiple shades of black and there are multiple trees, plants, and rocks. There are so many versions of a forest and there are many types of creeks. 


So the next person that just says black clothes and they aren't being specific about what they want exactly. I will decline your commission. 

So do not say a black is all the same to you because they're not when it comes to the commission. 

Give how the colour black is a pain to work with. 

Also I don't offer discounts to friends or family.

No Refunds



Price will vary based on how much detail you want in the background. 

Again if there is a certain type of background you would like, Please provide a picture, it will make thing a lot easier for me.

Basically the price will between $3 to $10. depending on how much detail you want. 

It could be more, if you want me to sketch out a whole city. like gothem or something in the background. 



Per character

Sketch of a chibi is $5

Lineart is $6

Flat colour is $7

Full colour is $8



Per character

Head to shoulder $10

Half body $15

Full body $20



Per character

Head to shoulder $25

Half body $30

Full body $35


-Full colour picture-

Per character

Head to shoulder $40

Half body $45

Full body $50


Comic pages.

This is something that will take a lot of time to finish, and I will need a script for something like this. 

If you want a back in the comic pages it will cost more, based on how long it will take to just make the background and the character(s).

I’m going try to keep it at a minimum of 7 to maybe 10 blocks for per page.


Sketch for 1 page $150

Line-art for 1 page $200

Flat-colour for 1 page $300

Full colour picture for 1 page $350


Until I can improve on my "screen shot" will not be available for a while.

Fake screenshots


I'm only willing to draw 1 or 2 characters only and just half the body and along with minor backgrounds, nothing too complicated.

You would have to provide small about of text, to show what they are saying and you would have to tell me their expression as well.


Few other things

I’m not fond of deadlines, so please don’t give me one, I’ll just get a headache, start to stress out and the picture will suffer for it.

If you do have a reference sheet of the character you would like me to draw, that would be great and it will lower the chance of me screwing up somewhere. 

One more thing, when it comes to replying to the text, please read the text carefully. I know when it comes to reading the text; a lot of people would take everything the wrong way. 

It happens on both sides, I would make the same mistake, thinking that you’re mad at me or something and I would try to respond the right way. 

It would only make things worse, so please when it comes to communication. Don’t assume that I’m mad or annoyed.